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The governor and the ministers committed ward round , talked with those who are undergoing treatment . Dmitry Ayatskov congratulated them on the occasion gave gifts , and doctors - nominal hours and stressed that the defenders of the fatherland and will never leave without attention - the press office of the governor and the regional government . 23.02.2001 10:48 Tested a police car "Oka" . In Ulyanovsk tested the smallest police car . It is made from inexpensive and popular microcar "Oka" . The idea of ​​using a small machine for the needs of law enforcement agencies - a kind of response to all-out campaign to budgetary savings. Police view " Oka " attached at the enterprise " Acro " . Its general director Nikolai Kuznetsov said that now in a completely different power, one of the main principles of which " we must live within our means ." " If every policeman realizes that he gave the car to 50 % cheaper " UAZ " , the other 50% can go for clothing and housing" - says Kuznetsov . On the " Acro " small " Oka " repainted in police colors , put on the roof of the signal flasher and rear equip space for criminals. All this attracts the attention of drivers and pedestrians. On city streets compact car takes advantage . Plug the siren , police masterly move in traffic . Traffic police inspector Victor Filipov said that he loved the reliability, flexibility , " Oka " , it holds the road well , even on snow- drifts . Rave reviews guards do not share the representatives of power units. According to them, " ladies " car can adversely affect the image of law enforcement . First experience has brought positive results. Carmakers , meanwhile, are preparing new projects . Now, from the "Okie " they will do an ambulance and pipe carrier for utilities. 23.02.2001 10:50 Moscow . Ulyanovsk Governor Vladimir Shamanov met with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Ilya Klebanov. Ulyanovsk Governor Vladimir Shamanov met in Moscow with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Ilya Klebanov. During the conversation touched on the further development of the military-industrial complex of the Ulyanovsk region. Shamanova also met with Minister of Industry , Science and Technology Alexander Dondukov , which discussed problems " Aviastar " and " Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant ." A.Dondukov promised to visit the Ulyanovsk region and , according to preliminary data , it will happen in March. 23.02.2001 10:52 Lifecycle several aircraft "Ruslan" quadrupled . Yesterday it documented delegation of the Interstate Aviation Committee , which arrived in Ulyanovsk with Governor Vladimir Shamanov . Among the most distinguished guests - Chairman aviakomiteta Tatyana Anodina . On " Aviastar " certificate ceremony was held on the extension of flight hours the aircraft " AN-124- 100 C" "Ruslan" . These aircraft were manufactured for military transport aircraft , their flight resource was 6000 hours, and it is almost depleted. Recently, these planes were transferred to civil aviation and agreed in principle to extend their life up to 24 thousand hours. 23.02.2001 10:54 Mayor Paul Romanenko met with war veterans and soldiers in Afghanistan . Ulyanovsk Mayor Pavel Romanenko met with war veterans and soldiers in Afghanistan . The meeting was devoted to the Day of Defender of the Fatherland . In total there were about 20 people. The mayor promised that the city administration will make every effort to create a normal life for veterans and will provide them with special attention . In response to veterans invited to participate in the discussion and adoption of the draft law , which will be considered at the City Hall and City Duma . At the end of the meeting, Pavel Romanenko handed present greeting cards and souvenirs. Then all invited expecting dinner. 23.02.2001 11:02 From late January to build a new bridge from the Volga federal budget received 150 million rubles. In the region began to receive the money intended for the construction of a new bridge Volga . According to the press service of the SOA, is the result of joint efforts of the legislative and executive authorities in the region , as well as deputies of the State Duma of Ulyanovsk . Thus, according to one of them - Vadim Orlov - to build a bridge for the period from the end of January this year to date has already received 150 million rubles . of 500 million rubles . planned for 2001. reported STRC "Volga". 23.02.2001 11:04 At a meeting of the operational headquarters for spring field work was considered in need of agricultural crop protection chemicals . February 22 a meeting of the operational headquarters for spring field work in the administration area. The main issue considered by the Deputy Governor of the region Viktor Sidorcheva and Valentin Denisov , heads of district agricultural offices , and their rulers , was the need for agricultural chemicals in the field of remedies. In 2001, according to a survey conducted by specialists of the Regional Plant Protection Station , against various diseases of the soil must be processed 80 thousand hectares, against weeds - 130 thousand hectares, against pests - more than 200 hectares. Fitoekspertiza seeds showed that 46 % of those infected with the brain and 88% - root rots . To carry out these directions farms lacking 340 tons of drugs in the amount of 190 million rubles . 161 household disinfectants have a little less - sprayers . Only 69 farms in the region can independently purchase pesticides, 155 - need loans , and 44% of the latter will be unable to repay their loans they area . Despite this , Victor Sidorchev instructed in the coming days to find the money for all farms require protection chemicals , reported STRC "Volga". 23.02.2001 11:05

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