International Programme on Research and Training on Sustainable
Management of Mountain Areas

Visit of the Russian Foundation for support of agrarian reform and rural development. February 22 in Ulyanovsk was attended by representatives of the Russian Fund for Support of Agrarian Reform and Rural Development (Moscow). Purpose of visit : to examine the situation in the field of agricultural production , to offer their own versions of its development. Immediately upon arrival guests visited Ulyanovsk institute retraining and agribusiness , where they held a meeting with representatives of the district agricultural offices . Muscovites at the meeting said they are already working with 11 regions of Russia , in which the two major advance their project : insolvent financial recovery , as well as providing employment and development of problem for agriculture, including through lending. Guest , in the Ulyanovsk region has a large field for their activities reported STRC "Volga". Trams came on line : energy blockade MP " Ulyanovskelektrotrans " removed. February 22 agreement was reached between the city of Ulyanovsk and energy. As a result, JSC "Ulyanovskenergo" tridtsatiprotsentnoe lifted the restriction on traction substation MP " Ulyanovskelektrotrans ." All trams 217 enterprises have already February 22 came on the line. City leadership has committed itself to effect payments to the energy sector . Mayor Paul Romanenko confirmed that in February, the level of payment for energy is 30% of incoming funds to the treasury (compared to 50 % in January). He also said that the municipality offers two solutions to all these problems . The first has already started to put into practice - at the city administration established an interdepartmental commission consisting of members of regulatory and law enforcement agencies , which is charged with working with businesses to combat non-payers . The second option - is to increase fares on trams from 2 to 3 rubles. , Ie to a size slightly larger cost level (2.97 rub.) , and the abolition of benefits to free travel to certain categories of pensioners. These questions have been included in the agenda of the first meeting of the new Gordumy Ulyanovsk, which will be held January 24 , in order to approve the changes from 1 March this year , reported STRC "Volga". Ulyanovsk State University won the right to test new drugs. The corresponding decree was issued by the university the Ministry of Health . USU will be research imported drugs or used in its foreign clinics , or pass the tests abroad and recognized harmless . In fact, USU will be certification of medicines whose manufacturers want to sell them in Russia . USU got to ban implementation in our country he studied drugs reported TRC "reporter ." A new building for staff Ulyanovsk branch Academy of Logistics and Transport . February 22 at Ulyanovsk State Commission adopted a new 9 -storey house . All his tenants - Ulyanovsk branch employees Academy of Logistics and Transport . Many of them have been waiting for this moment for 10 years , and have already begun to carry things here . The house was built in two years on funds Volga Military District Command . He had already passed the balance municipal services . Another 186 workers Ulfat families in need of housing , and for them this spring will begin construction of another apartment building , which is scheduled to finish by the end of 2002 , reported the SEC "Reporter". Vice Governor Viktor Kazakov again met representatives of RAO " Rosneftegazstroy ." February 22 vice - governor of the Samara Region Viktor Kazakov met with representatives of RAO " Rosneftegazstroy ." The meeting was attended by representatives of RAO " Rosneftegazstroy " Gennadi Bolbat Sergei Berg Isamutdinov Gusenbekov and Yevgeny Yegorov - Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Samara region. At the meeting once again discussed the potential owner of JSC " Zhigulyovskiy plant materials ." It is known that the main contender to buy a controlling stake in the company remains RAO " Rosneftegazstroy ." After meeting with representatives of RAO " Rosneftegazstroy " Viktor Kazakov commented on the results of negotiations. Viktor Kazakov said that rdministratsiya Samara region still insists primarily on repayment of wage arrears to employees of the plant. Apparently, this condition is fulfilled in the near future . February 15 at a meeting of the Regional Board of the delegates , it was decided to initiate AO " Zhigulyovskiy building materials plant " bankruptcy proceedings. The creditors' meeting held on February 21. Scheduled for March 6, an additional meeting of creditors. Representatives of RAO " Rosneftegazstroy " committed until March 6 to satisfy all creditors' claims . According to Viktor Kazakov , RAO has transferred 11.5 million rubles for the full repayment of wage arrears to employees of the plant. In the near future RAO - repay debts to creditors , including , to the oblast budget in the amount of 105 million rubles. Within four months of the potential owners of the company would hold a gas plant . Previously, the plant began to operate , RAO ready to transfer 20 million rubles. Additionally month will be allocated $ 2 million for the development of production. All these actions , according to Viktor Kazakov from the Company are intended to March 6 meeting of creditors the bankruptcy of the enterprise has been revised according to the information policy and media relations of the Samara region. . essay typer . online texas form . double glazing