International Programme on Research and Training on Sustainable
Management of Mountain Areas

Summed up the implementation of state policy on labor protection in 1998-2000. To implement the state policy on health and safety in the Samara region , one of the first in Russia, were adopted regional programs to improve the conditions and safety for 1995-1997 and for 1998-2000 . The implementation of these programs was the beginning address the priorities to create a system of state OSH management in the Samara region : system certification of production facilities and organizations for compliance with labor protection; providing training , information and advocacy in the field of labor to develop new technologies and collaboration tools and personal protective equipment. First in Russia were concentrated efforts of organizations , scientific institutions of the region , government supervision and control to address health and safety. Economic effect of improving conditions and safety is reflected in increasing revenue organizations , as well as tax revenues to the regional budget and local budgets by reducing payments to temporary disability benefits , and lump-sum monthly payments injured at work or their relatives in the survivors , reducing expenditure on medical , vocational and social rehabilitation , special medical and home care, spa treatment , prosthetic devices and software to work. The purpose of OSH programs : - ensuring a healthy and safe workplace; prevention and reduction of occupational accidents and occupational diseases - the preservation of life and health in the workplace through the development and implementation of a set of legal, socio- economic, organizational , medico- social nature. The focus of the program for 1998-2000 was given to the creation and development of the state of OSH management . Practical work carried out to establish the territorial bodies of the OSH management strengthening their material base . Currently out of 37 municipalities in the region there are 35 specialists on labor protection ( absent only in Isaklinsky district and city of Samara). To assist small businesses in cities and districts of the region centers are being established to provide services on occupational safety . Resolution of this activity received governmental educational institution " Togliatti Economic and Technological College " and Volga Branch of the Academy of Quality Problems . In the Department of Labor and the Department of Labor Oktyabrsky district Samara are consulting methodical cabinets OSH . In the continuing certification of production facilities and organizations for compliance with health and safety. For 3 years issued 29 security certifications , including such companies as JSC " Samaralakto ", JSC " Samara production of silica brick ", JSC " Syzranmoloko " JSC " Samarasvyazinform " JSC " Samara flour mill number 2 ", etc. The certificate security provides discounts to the insurance rate for compulsory social insurance , which is for organizations direct economic benefit . In the well established and a system of compulsory social insurance against industrial accidents and occupational diseases. All cases referred to the victims in the Samara regional branch offices Social Insurance Fund . Now they are registered as insurers 57889 organizations of the region , taken from the 9065 cases affected policyholders , 8954 Human receive insurance payments . Over the past two years there were more than 130 regional meetings on safety . Prepared and adopted the Law of the Samara region N53- DG of 15 December 2000 " On approval of the program to improve conditions and safety in the Samara region for 2001-2003 ." Published 11 issues of information- analytical bulletin " Occupational " , developed training manuals in the form of multi media laserdisc " Safety in Construction" and "Organization of OSH training in vocational education." To improve the working conditions of women and adolescents developed technical guidance for the safe Labour Organization using computer technology. In order to create a system for monitoring the health of adolescent girls developed a method of physiological health professional orientation. Ongoing work on the implementation of the program has yielded positive results . In the Samara region there has been a downward trend in the level of occupational accidents and occupational diseases , as well as the number of workers employed in conditions that do not meet sanitary standards . Employees newly diagnosed occupational disease dropped from 211 in 1997 to 188 in 2000 . The number of victims of industrial accidents with fatalities decreased from 111 in 1997 to 102 in 2000 , according to information management policy coordination and interaction with the media Samara region. 23.02.2001 16:45

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